Heya! I know I haven’t been keeping up to my promise to write everyday. Sorry for that *feels ashamed* To be completely honest there’s not much to write about while you’re home but I try my best. I actually am getting some ideas and now I only have to write them, this will actually be my task for tomorrow.

But lately I’ve found my old friend and I have been spending my time there.

I don’t really know how many of you know about the game… It’s called Heroes of Might and Magic III, I know it has more recent versions of it but for some reason I like the 3rd one the best.

I mean look at it  I know it’s not that much of a quality or doesn’t seem nothing much but I think it looks amazing, there’s something about each town that I like and the names and everything just draws me to it. I know there’s more towns to it but those are my 2 favs I guess.

I just feel like in this game I can really just admire the artwork put into it all. It is certain amount of distraction for me and there are many memories with this game.

I’m sure this post is very chaotic and not as good as I could produce but it’s really hard for me to write down my feelings about this game because it has been there with me for such a long time…

I hope you enjoyed…
Ann :3