I was talking to Jess earlier about my internet adventures and she gave me a really good idea to make it into a weekly blog post. It gives me one less day to worry about.

Next week it will be more in depth but right now it shall be more of an introductory post for what will come. I shall bring out my finds on twitter, tumblr, youtube and eveywhere else I can find something interesting or funny.

This week I don’t have much, just a band I found and I’ve been addicted to it… I actually found them today and have been listening to their music the whole day… 

I have no idea what do I find in this song in particular but I just love it.

Another thing I found… 

Lately have been watching Onision a lot. This is just something more humorous but there are some videos which have deeper and serious topic to them. I don’t always 100% agree to his views or the way he gets his point across but I admire his work anyways.

Last thing from YouTube… 

This just shows so well what our Esponian group chats are like :’) You guys are definitely the swaggiest people out there 😀 B)

And lastly some internet quotes… Or actually just one “My Little Internet: Skype is magic”, this just says more than a thousand words….