While being sick I’ve noticed some new kind of energy flow into me. I’ve realised that I feel creative again. I want to get back into drawing and writing and I want to start playing guitar again.

I have so much in my mind, new blog post ideas come and I always write them down so soon you can see what I’ve been thinking about.

Also I feel somekind of new energy taking over me. I feel happier and more energetic, I feel like from now on stuff gets done and I can actually make even bigger change. I can feel that my efforts are not wasted even if the results don’t show. I’m starting to appreciate myself and everything I have been so conscious about.

Right now I feel like I’ve found the right people beside me and I’m happy with what I’ve got. After so long I can finally say that I’m happy. Yes, I have my bad days and I still get a bit depressed but I can get over it and I won’t dwell on anything as long as I used to.

To be honest I don’t know where I wanted to get with this blog post. I just wanted to let you guys know that I feel strong and positive and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this short and random blog post.
Ann :3