So the next few posts will probably be music related, hope you don’t mind.

Today’s post will be about rock since it’s the genre I listen the most. I wanted to write about the stereotypes considering rock and the interesting ideas people have about rock and it’s subgenres.

I should start with my own opinions about it and obviously they are mostly positive. In my opinion rock is amazing, the work the musicians put into their music is amazing. I also think rock requires a lot of talent, I know that many would argue with me here saying that everyone can scream like that. It’s actually not as easy, being a musician myself I know how to make sound and do it the way that saves your voice is really hard, also you usually don’t change the vocals that much with computer but in pop music for example (I know this is me being stereotypical but sometimes it is necessary) you have singers who sing only because of the work of the computers. I also like the way rock forces you to listen to it. The guitar riffs and drum solos, everything is in balance. I know this sounds like I’m trying to make rock sound superior but it’s just my opinion and it’s how it works to me. This morning I just felt how it sucked me into it and I felt it passing through me.

Now to the stereotyping, this was inspired by my classmate who made herself really stupid. She was being hateful towards rock (of course you are if you listen to 1D… okay okay… I know it was really really really mean of me but lol, I am like that :P), anyways she basically said I’m an emo just because I listen to rock and stuff like that. I just found it really funny and I basically laughed to her face. I’m mostly a really girly girl and I don’t consider myself as emo (sometimes I think it would be cool tho) but you just don’t do that… This little incident actually brings me to another thought…

Why do we need this? UntitledI understand this is needed in order to see and study the evolving of rock and the difference in it but still… Why do we need it? This makes so much room for judging… I’ve seen it and felt it. There are many who just stop talking to you if you listen to Black Veil Brides or Bring Me The Horizon, it’s still rock, yes, it’s not classic rock that people are used to but it is still music, these people create also music, how good/bad it is is up to you to decide. But if you really want to tell someone your opinion then do it in a respectful way. I know I was a bit hateful towards 1D earlier on the post but I actually admire them for being able to get so many fans and I’m also saying that they are talented, I just don’t like their music and the part of their fandom I know. I know I wouldn’t be able to do anything like this. My anxiety would kill me before I get on the stage alone 😀

Back to the topic though, in my opinion rock should be taken as one huge thing and people shouldn’t be so hateful about the people who like rock or any of it’s subgenres. I also think people should be more open about the rock this generation is making because it’s as awesome as the one they used to make on the 80s 😛

Hope you enjoyed…
Ann :3