This isn’t a depressing post in any way, I just chose the title because the last few days were awful but today was amazing.

I’m gonna start with the very general ideas and thoughts I have with this topic. Everyone has good and bad days, some have more bad days and some have more good days. Lately I’ve seen more and more good days for me and I don’t do it because I’d want to brag about my good days or something, I do it to show to myself and everyone else that things will change, because I sometimes read back my posts or think about them. It would just be a good idea to show myself I can do it πŸ™‚

Now to my day… I had an amazing day… mostly but the choir topic won’t be touched here yet, I’m not sure about it yet and I need to observe some stuff, if I know something more certain I’m gonna tell you. Back to my day… It started off as usual, sleepy but talking with friends. It felt good to talk to them again, I could warm up some relationships and I felt good for that.

I didn’t have much time for chatting because I went to the cinema. We went to see the last Hobbit movie and it was asdfghjkl… 😍 I wanna reread the book and now I’m totally in the LotR/Hobbit fandom. I feel that the older I get the bigger geek I turn into, not that it would be a bad thing. I really enjoy it and I’m happy like that. I finally feel I’m starting to slowly understand what I like. Anyways, back to the movie, I don’t wanna spoil anything because I have already reached my spoiler limit for the day (sorry Pony)… The only thing I’m gonna say is 😭.

I rushed home and tried to have somekind of a lunch like thing but it didn’t work out that well. I then rushed to choir, I felt really bad for not making them some Christmas presents but I have my reasons and I’m not really that kind of person that does presents… The people who deserve it will get one but not some random friends. Okay they’re not that random but tbh they don’t deserve one… The rest of the choir was really boring tho and pointless it got interesting after choir.

Me and my really good friend went out, we wanted to go to a restaurant and we ended up walking around the town for and hour and a half. We stayed in one and had amazing time, the dinner was really good and we talked about so much. It’s good to have someone to talk to, I know I have Josh and Pony and Jess and many others I’ve learned to trust but it’s still not the same when you have someone who’s actually here with you and lives through the same things as you. I really enjoyed the evening and am happy that it went like that. I feel secure here and I feel like I have friends in here, it makes leaving a bit harder but I know I can manage πŸ™‚

So this is the post… I hope you liked it πŸ˜€
Ann :3