Hiya, I guess I’m gonna write about my Christmas…
I can’t show my presents yet since I haven’t got them all yet but soon, once I get them all I’m gonna write about them and what I think of them and etc….
So my Christmas…. So very emotional Christmas… I actually aren’t that big of a fan of Christmas… I’m not that big of a fan of family, I know it’s not the nicest thing to say but I just feel so different amongst them. It can just be my teenagerness and it might go past but I’ve always felt anxious and uneasy around them, I won’t explain why but I have my reasons.
So on 24th we had our family dinner, I really wished Josh was there with me. It was so hard to stay away from my phone and try to talk to everyone else when all they talked about didn’t interest me at all…. So I just sat there, ate the dinner and tried to talk along on a topic which didn’t intrest me at all. I was happy about my presents though. I just wish I can once feel the loving Christmas (again, a bad thing to say and I know I should be nice but I try to be truthful).
25th was basically the same but I could talk to my friends a bit more so it was much more bearable…
As of today… Well it has been full of anxiety and failures, but oh well. I’m a big girl and can manage.
Sorry for the short post, next one will be hopefully longer.
Ann :3