Hi y’all 🙂
I actually have no idea how this post will turn out or what will happen in here. The only thing I know is that I need to get it out of me and that I have some ideas and thoughts and opinions and most probably silly excuses for the stuff I do.
I guess I have to explain what I’m on about. A few months ago I wrote this post, I admit that it could’ve been better and I should’ve done more updates because I did good, I really did and I was so proud of myself. It all started going downhill when I got ill and I know it’s all my fault and I should’ve been strong myself and continue my good work but I didn’t because I wasn’t and probably still aren’t strong enough to do it alone.
So I want to ask someone in a situation similar to mine to be the support and friend and company we both probably need. The ones who read my blog more probably want to know why I don’t ask my friends or my boyfriend for support and I know that they do offer support but they also say that they love me as I am and for me this is a huge disecouragement. I know that most of my problems and worries would be solved if I had a friend who’d go through the jorney with me and who I could chat with and change tips and stuff like that. Essentially just a workout buddy and lifestyle change buddy because I’m tired of being like this and I want to change my life.
And if you’re one of those friends who still doubt in my desicion then there are so many posts which prove how much it affects me. It brings me down it just destroys me, the last few days when I haven’t written were proof of that. I was so close to doing horrible things to myself and I don’t really want any of it to happen to me again.
I hope you enjoyed and understand my situation and feelings about the topic. If you wanna contact me then all of the links are on the first page.
Ann :3