Hello *waves madly*

So I was supposed to write a blog post as soon as I get my last Christmas present but since I can’t be bothered to take pictures of them… I know I’m lazy… Soz m8s. I will tell you what I got tho but first I have to write about my adventures.

So we went to nan’s on 24th, we went to the church and I froze there… We also went to the cemetery, it looked amazing, all the candles and everything… We also saw one cousin, he hugged us and I didn’t reckognise him… Luckily mum explained me later and the lightbulb on my head lit up 😀 It felt nice, Christmassy 😀 We usually don’t do anything Christmassy and this year it was lovely. I guess my friends have a huge part in it too. In the evening we had a dinner and got the gifts. I  got some jewellery and money, a few days later I got my last present which was my new phone 😍 It’s a Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s so good 😍

But the reason why I wanted to write about the adventures isn’t that there was something too special happening… The reason why I wanted to write about it is that this time nothing special happened… I know it’s a weird thing to write about but if you know what usually happens you’d write about it too. I guess I should explain 😕 Essentially what usually happens is that it’s really stressful and that I end up breaking down and everything is fighting and stuff like that… This time ti was all friendly and nice and felt weird… I didn’t think my family can be like this and it made me really happy 😃

There’s actually more things I will got when it comes to Christmas presents so I guess I might write about the rest of them when my last present from Pony arrives.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂
Ann :3