I am gonna start a new series in here, am not sure how well I’ll do writing those posts and whether you’ll like them but I think it would be a good idea. Essentially the posts will happen once a month and I’m gonna write about my experiences and stuff like that.

I’m gonna start off with a cafe called Kukeke. Next time I’m also gonna add pics of what we got, this time I totally forgot… I got a pasta with shrimps and tomatoes. It was a bit spicy and for me tasted like very typical Italian food, in my opinion most Italian foods taste like that. I know that you mostly use the same spices but you can still make it stand out a bit by bringing out some other nuances of the flavours. My friend said that this is more of a place where you eat a piece of cake and drink a cup of tea but in my opinion the place wasn’t cozy enough to go there to get cake and tea. Personally I like extremely cozy places for that.

The atmosphere itself wasn’t really that bad but I almost hit my head against the lamp above the table and I felt that everyone could hear our conversation even though we didn’t talk that loud. I really enjoyed the music there and the decour of the cafe was really appropriate for the location and the atmosphere of the surroundings. I also liked the choice of music played there. The personnel was also really kind and nice. I really like when they talk to you like a friend and don’t make it too fancy. If it’s too official then I feel anxious and then I might seem rude because I start avoiding eye contact and everything else. I just like if the service feels free and natural and in this case it did.

I guess it’s all for now… I hope you enjoyed my first attempt of doing something like that. See you all tomorrow 🙂
Ann :3