A new year needs to start with a blog post 🙂 (Obviously this was supposed to be posted yesterday so let’s pretend that today is 01.01.15)

I try to combine as much of my categories as I can but to be honest I have no idea how to do it because sleepy Ann is sleepy. There is one topic I wanna touch but this will be towards the end of the post. Oh and sorry if it will be an extremely bad post because 3 hrs of sleep (and a 1.5hr nap) and no coffee is not the wisest combination. I know I should sleep and I will soon maybe probably, hopefully…

I guess I’m gonna write about my New Years eve because last night I didn’t do that even though I could’ve probably managed to do it yesterday. So here we go… The day started busy, I helped mum to prepare everything. We had a fight :/ but in the end managed to do everything on time. Then I went to have a shower and started to get ready. I took my time and dressed up. Even though I’ve gained some weight over Christmas (which I’m not particularly happy with) I looked pretty good. I really liked my dress and I was pretty happy with the hair and makeup I did.

After a few hours our guest came and it was pretty interesting. Didn’t have much to talk with her but at least it was interesting to listen and this time she didn’t try to tell me that I should drink and that this is the only way to relax…

We were talking and having fun and I got more and more excited for 2015. At some point I set up my skype calls but I managed to take some photos from the pre new year fireworks 😀 They have a pretty bad quality so I’m not gonna add them here.

I am gonna add some other pictures I took during the night.

Two of the most interesting pictures of the night lol.

I skyped with sis throughout the whole 2015 fireworks and I guess she has to write her impression on that herself or something. I shall let you guys know if I get her full opinions of our new years fireworks swagatham 😂

So what will happen today (02.01.15)? Today I shall write another blog post for you. I shall go through all of my 2014 blog posts and am gonna take some notes and shall write the funniest moments from last year. I actually have blog posts planned until next Thursday but if I have some random thoughts in the middle of the next week then you might get 2 posts a day. I think this year will be full of awesome blog posts. I also have some interesting news to tell you.

I hope you enjoyed this weirdly combined blog post and Happy New Year 😀
Ann :3