I think it has been a week since I haven’t written anything here… There’s actually a good enough reason for that and this is actually what I’m gonna write about today πŸ™‚

The week started off quite boring actually but I felt that it would be a good week. From Wednesday I already felt like this will be a good week for me.

Actually it got interesting on Thursday. I got an email from Ivana (yay, party at my place btw πŸ˜‰ ). I missed her so much, so happy that she’s finally back πŸ™‚

On Friday I had choir but this time we had just vocal training which was really nice. I got some explanations to my stage fright and stuff like that. I want to write about it in more detail once we’ve finished the whole vocal training session but I can already see the difference.

So Saturday and Sunday kinda became as one because I didn’t sleep in between them but I had fun. On Sat we had more vocal training and we had to go through the Estonian Idol line and it was pretty fab, the looks we got when we could just walk in πŸ˜€ but that vocal lesson was actually pretty good too and again I learned a lot. On Sunday I mostly procrastinated through the day and nothing got done… at least I didn’t fuck up the school work I had to do for today…

I guess that’s about it… I know it’s not as detailed as my posts used to be but am really tired atm… Sorry…

Ann :3