So we had to write some speeches for English and I liked the topics so I’m gonna write some ranty posts about those topics. 🙂 So this is the first topic: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about it (for those who read my speech then I couldn’t really write that there). So yeah… I’m not very sure how I feel about it.

One part of me is literally f**k knowledge and yay imagination and another part is exactly vice versa. In my speech I mentioned that we’re so full of facts that we often forget imagination but I think I use my imagination more then that… I read more than the average person does and I don’t let the facts take over me. At least I don’t think I do… I try to keep my mind clear of everything we’re being pushed into and know it only when I have to… Yes, for school it’s kinda bad but I usually don’t have a problem reminding the stuff to myself.

I guess imagination itself is really necessary and we shouldn’t forget it but we also need the knowledge… After all we can develop imagination based on the basic knowledge on some stuff? I mean you need to know how to use a phone and just a bit of imagination and you could use a smartphone? No?

I guess the amount of imagination depends mostly on the person. You can just see how some people are full of imagination and you are just overflown by the amount of it… and then there are people who you just learn everything by heart and they can’t produce something that involves imagination… It’s sad to be honest, it’s sad to see people struggle with something so amazing.

In my opinion imagination gives us so much more in addition. We can deal with emergencies but we can also create something artistic… Whether it’s art, music or write, it’s just nice to see when people are gifted with imagination 🙂

I guess it’s all for now… I hope you enjoyed it.
Ann :3