So I guess I’m gonna start with this post with another apology because I haven’t been writing that often lately but I’ve truly been busy. I think I’m gonna stop with the apologies and write whenever I feel like. I know I can keep my blog active even if I don’t write every single day.

Now for the purpose of the blog post though, the almighty purpose of this blog post is to summarise my month. I guess the most interesting day of this month was today but this works too right?

Anyways I have to start from the beginning of the month anyways and before I start telling you all the great things that happened I just have to note that there’s exactly 13 days until my birthday ^^ so let’s all be hyped for that ๐Ÿ˜€

*opens her planner*

The 1st of January seemed to be such a long time ago… I started the year off very ambitious, not sure whether I have been really keeping up with the ambition but I’m really trying. I tried to do a lot on the first few days of this year but it didn’t really go that way. I guess I just have realised how important this year is and how my every single step and thought matters right now in generating my future, I don’t mind of course, I’ve started to like challenges ๐Ÿ™‚

Moving on to the first week of the month… Those few days were still quite lazy, I did make my new documents though and they turned out quite okay… I mean I’m not the most photogenic but they looked pretty nice. I had so much planned but again not much came to reality… I still have trouble filling out my to-do lists :/ This was the week where I could have some more vocal lessons though, which is always nice. I love our vocal teacher, her personality is cool and I respect her so much. She is one of the few reasons why I’m still there. ย I guess the first week was just me getting into the school stuff.

Can’t really remember the second week of January… I think I just spent it… I have written there that there are some tests and concerts but I don’t really remember any of it :/ I wonder why…

The 3rd week was also boring… I mean you can’t do much when you’re sick, or can you? It really helped that Josh and my other friends were there for me and took care of me and tried to cheer me up. If I didn’t have them then I would have probably only slept and done nothing and just had no motivation to do anything. This was the week where Sven invited me to join his band too ^^ I mean isn’t it the best news ever… I hadn’t even met him and then I get an offer like that ^^ Isn’t that so cool? This caused me almost 2 weeks worth of anxiety though but I managed fine. Like I said Josh and Jess and all my friends kept me sane ๐Ÿ˜€

And thus we have arrived to this last week, even the blog post ends so quickly… Monday was complete horror. I was still sick but went to school which caused me to stay home on Tuesday but luckily I was good on Wednesday, mum thinks she knows what the problem might be but we shall get that checked out on next Wednesday. I also got news from my classmate that I can go to G5. Essentially G5 is a student exchange, just to show people what’s it like in other schools so they know what to pick when they change schools in high school, I really like the idea. Wednesday was boring even though I was hyper ๐Ÿ˜€ It was only because I was excited for Thursday because Josh and I celebrated our 4 months even though we were both busy on the day itself we still managed to talk quite much just because sometimes time difference works in your favour. Friday was tiring but I struggled through it and in the end had a Skype night with Josh ^^ I really enjoy our Skype nights I like the things we talk about and it’s always really lovely to talk to him in person. I know we have kik where we are always together and we just have to text but after I broke my last phone I have realised how important is to actually talk to people. Finally we have arrived to today… So many feels, just asdfghjjkl *-* Anxiety woke me up at 6am though ๐Ÿ˜‰ *high fives with everyone who gets it* I was really sleepy throughout the day and ย and after arriving home I just slept… But I got ready for my rehearsal and I walked there because if I had to stand in the bus and wait for the bus and such I would’ve just gone insane… I met with Sven on my way there because I had to get some warmth in me and since we had been chatting all the way on our way to the rehearsal place I knew when the bus was supposed to arrive so it all worked out for me. I got rid of my anxiety and it all worked out fine ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a cool rehearsal, I was an awkward sod as usual but you know, it will go away soon… hopefully… The 2 hrs for the rehearsal flew by and we left… We left together and it was nice got to chat with them more. For once I feel fully accepted somewhere in here, up until now I felt like I didn’t fit in Estonia but now I have realised that I fit here and it is possible for me to find friends in here and trust me it feels nice ^^ This has also taught me that I can fit in everywhere only if I want to :3 On my way home from band I happened to bump into a cool coincidence, yes, I know I have mentioned that I don’t believe in them but I don’t really know what to call them so… Anyways, yesterday Josh and I were talking about religion ย and today on my way home this nice couple came to me and asked a few questions about what I think of religion and what I think of the Bible and such and the conversation was so similar to yesterday. It felt like a deja vu and it doesn’t usually happen to me. The conversation was nice though, it was interesting and it felt like the guy really liked my thoughts on it. I actually am planning to write about it…

So that was it. I’m not gonna keep you for much longer. I mean I have written more than 1100 words so there’s no point in writing another 100 words for summary…

Hope you enjoyed,
Ann :3