Yesterday I promised to write about that so here it is, my post about religion. I’m not sure whether it brings good to my blog or not but here it is. I wanted to write about this because Josh made me wonder about it and the next day a couple came to me and asked my opinions on it so I immediately wanted to write about it.

I’m no one to tell whether there is a God or not. I’m not saying that there isn’t a God. I think of it more of as a force or a destiny which guides us. I’m not saying anything about whether your beliefs are wrong. In my opinion is that no matter what you believe in you should respect another person, no matter what/who they believe in and when you look at what’s going on or what has happened in the past then not many people do that. There always has to be a war between different religions. Of course there are people who also respect other religions but throughout the life on planet Earth we have proved that mostly we don’t accept differences or assume that everyone is bad if one individual does something wrong.

Yesterday the guy read me a line from the Bible, I don’t exactly remember the line but it was something along the lines that God will always watch over his country and he asked me what this line might mean. In my opinion this line means that God will watch all over us, no matter what you look like, what you’ve done, what you believe in etc. This line shows that we are all equal no matter what.

In my opinion people should rethink about what we believe in and how we believe it. If we can be tolerant about others then the world would be a much more peaceful place. I also think many religious and non-religious people have misunderstood the holy books, I’m not saying that I know the truth and I know everything about it but I just think we should all try to find the true meaning why somethings were written down like that. Maybe the holy books have somekind of a guideline for today’s society, not necessarily something religious but something that we all can relate to?

I’m gonna end this post here. I can write about it more if you want me to, just let me know. Hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3