I guess I should start with introducing the whole G5 stuff to you because I think it’s a local thing. Essentially G5 is for students if the 5 schools in our city center to visit one school of their choice in order to make it easier for us to choose a school. There’s a lot more to it but this is the most important part of it I guess…
I had my exchange day yesterday and I went to Tallinn Secondary Science School (Tallinna Reaalkool). I added a link to the school’s webpage so you could read about the history and such. So I guess I’m gonna go through the day as everything happened and then give the overall opinion of the school.

The day started extremely early :/ Usually I wake up around 7am and lessons start around 8.15 am, yesterday I had to wake at 6.30 in order to be in school at 7.45 (the lessons started at 8 but they wanted us to be there a bit earlier because we had to meet the headmaster). The fact that I got barely 5hrs of sleep didn’t help much (yay anxiety ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ), fortunately I was exactly on time and then we were taken downstairs so we could put away our clothes and such. The wardrobe was really tight compared to the one in my school even though ours is quite cramped. Then we went to the headmaster’s office, when I first heard that we have to go there then I was really scared, probably because in my school seeing the headmaster is a huge thing… Here it was nothing, the headmaster told a bit about the school history and what we should expect from the school, everyone was so shy there but the headmaster and headteacher (I hope it’s a legit word) were open and cool and took as people not stupid students from other schools. The meeting ended pretty quick and they toured the school, they just gave a general idea of the school and such, nothing that special really.

My first lesson was maths… As you probably know I’m not the biggest fan of maths but there it was really enjoyable. I actually understood the stuff quite well even though we were in a class with a year older students. The teacher actually explained math… Our teacher never does that >.< So this is one  pro for that school.

Next up we had Estonian, they didn't do much and for that I prefer our own teacher more. The students seemed to be scared of that teacher, I don't know why because she seemed okay but oh well… I guess my current school gets a point for Estonian ๐Ÿ™‚

So here comes in the first poor thing about the management of the project… We were supposed to have English but there was a test in English that day so we had to go with a random dude to Russian… Russian ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I literally can't speak it… I can understand a bit but I can't speak it, yes I may fool around with friends in Russian but I know how bad I am in it. I maybe can speak some random words in it… The guy who was so willing to take us with him seemed very annoyed, but why did he take us then? Everyone knows that students from TEC suck in Russian :/ So we basically just sat in the class and talked with eachother (me and my classmate).

After the horrors of Russian was chem. I like chem, I mean I have to if I'm taking chem exam this year. I didn't like the teacher that much, he made chem so boring. Our chem teacher makes it so much more interesting…. I did take some notes but they were mostly because I didn't want to sit there and do nothing. The lesson ended… finally, and we moved on to bio.

So Biology…. Hehe… I'm not the huge fan of it, mostly because our teacher sucks… Our Biology teacher is only good for chatting, no offence but really… So on my exchange day I got blown away because their teacher was so good… She made it interesting and I actually understood stuff… Usually I just try to spend the lesson on my phone without her noticing it. I took most of the notes there and I didn't feel like an idiot, which I do usually in Biology lessons.

Last lesson for us was Georaphy, again not my favorite lesson but I really enjoyed the lesson again… It was interesting to listen and didn't get into too much pointless details, like in my school…
So my overall opinion was good. I really liked that most of the teachers could make their lessons interesting. Which rarely happens in my school. In that school it seemed that the teachers really enjoyed their job and wanted to be there as much as the students did. In my school it seems sometimes that the teachers hate teaching more than the students or they just assume you're a genius and confuse you with pointless stuff or they are just inexperienced and don't know how to teach, which again makes it so much harder for the student…. I also liked the food and the students who were all so welcoming and nice to us. It made me get rid of my anxiety really quickly and it was really enjoyable…
I think this is all for now, I apologise for any mistakes because I'm not writing on my computer and I find it really uncomfortable on my tab.
Ann :3