Many people know Friday the 13th as the day of misfortune. This month I must completely disagree, I haven’t had such a good day in a while. Most probably it was because I had my birthday then. Yes, I have joined the sweetest 16th year of my life, to be honest I think this year will be the most eventful and sweetest of them all.

The day started with PE… I was so off there but a few things happened there… Everyone sang to me and then they rised me up on a chair… The last time I got that was when I was 6… I felt really bad about it though, I was so embarrassed and self concious, I wanted to hide… In the end it was fun though, if I get a video about I shall add it somewhere here but some pictures were taken πŸ™‚

Then we went to change and ofc I had to wear my extreme heels I got last year ❀ They are just like Jeffery Campbell Litas… I really want to buy the originals soon. I was so much taller and felt like a human for a change πŸ˜€ We also celebrated Valentine’s Day at school and we get a heart each year and we have to find our partner… I was Hermione but I didn’t find Ron πŸ˜₯

(Before History selfies)

Anyways back to my day. After that we went to History and most of the lesson I was in my own world just thinking about different stuff, luckily history ended pretty quickly. I went to change my shoes because school stairs are dangerous even for regular shoes so after that I was short and headed for Russian.

In Russian they sang to me and the teacher gave me a chocolate… also… some selfies happened…

After Russian the day got pretty boring, English was pretty funny but nothing special really happened… Just more selfies with friends and random people throughout the day.

It’s actually so cool to have awesome friends like that πŸ™‚ I hope next year (or the year I turn 18) I can get selfies with Jess and Josh ;3 and pony πŸ˜€

After school I had so much free time so I went on a lunch with mum. I also met one of her employees, she was really cool and I got a hug from her ❀ (I mean who doesn’t love hugs). I had a pasta and I was slightly disappointed, I hoped more from it :/

Then I ran to band. I met up with Karl… I asked him to bring water for his tea I owed him (of course I was joking around) and he actually came with water… πŸ˜€ It was fab, I really hoped he enjoyed the tea because if he didn’t then I wasted my almighty tea on him >.< Anyways… we talked about some stuff and I learned to know him even more… Suddenly le wild Sven appeared and we just had even more silly time…

Then we walked to the train station because Sven needed some smokes and I wanted to take the train home. I bought myself a tea, some cocoa for Karl and coffee for Sven (because at first I wanted to buy a small cake for the rest of the band but I ran out of time so that worked) and we went to wait for my train… A drug addict annoyed us and Sven almost got into a fight… He was scary tho *hides* Luckily nothing happened and everyone got home safe πŸ˜€ I wish Alviina had been there, would have been so much nicer D’: .

And then I got home and I don’t really remember what I did… I was so tired from the day lol… Teenage life is hard (????)

I guess this is it… I hope you enjoyed
Ann :3