I was planning to write a blog post last week but I failed to do so… sorry :/ I have a feeling that I’m gonna write more often from now though and most probably you guys can get 2 posts today, so yay ^^ (hope you’re as excited as I am, especially for the second post).

Now for the summary… I think I like those summary posts the most, I know that sometimes things might get lost but if they get lost then probably it wasn’t as important.

I don’t remember much from the beginning of the week… I guess it was boring then, I was sick and attended some lessons at school. Needed to go to chem and I have been struggling but I need to get better in order to do the exam in the beginning of June (watch me become a nervous wreck). Actually I don’t mind chem, all the gaps in my knowledge are caused by my absences. There’s just a bit of hard work from my side and I should be able to do it.

As the week moved on some interesting things happened. On Wednesday we went to nan’s and it was extremely nice to see them again. Especially after the news from mum earlier. Stop it Ann… You’re supposed to write about last week.

So back to last week I go… On Thursday I went through a style change.

Unfortunately my hair doesn’t hold like that usually… I guess it’s rather fortunately. I like the craziness my hair does whenever it’s cut short. I also like the colours and actually when my hair does the weird craziness then sometimes it shows more blue which is really cool. The hairdresser was really cool too and the next time I’m gonna be less shy around her (yay for being an awkward sod). It’s a pity that I have to travel all that distance to get my hair done but at least it’s worth it. Another thing I’m amazed about are the colours, they are so bright and vibrant, in the past when I have let hairdressers color my hair it usually has the old colours bleed through or something, now there’s nothing and I’m so happy 😀 Now I just have to pull through the whole style change 😀

The next thing I wanted to write about was programming. So I started learning programming kinda on my own kinda with some help. There’s not much I know so I can’t really answer any of your fancy questions. I actually started doing a new theme for my own blog. So we shall see how that goes. Most probably you don’t see any changes yourself though.

I guess that’s all for now. I don’t really know what else to write about. Hope you enjoyed…
Ann :3