This post won’t be an easy one. I know I have written many posts like this before but now I’m gonna get extremely personal. I think it’s time to open my eyes and hopefully being honest and open and do it publicly will make me try more.

I guess all of you have noticed from my selfies that I struggle with weight… I always have and it has caused me a lot of trouble and it still does, especially lately. Most of the trouble comes from myself but there’s always someone who has something rude to say. It has gotten to the point where I just want to hide or die… I know I shouldn’t think like that and I try to keep these thoughts away (as well as I can…).

Many of my friends say that I’m perfect the way I am and that I shouldn’t bother changing my look but as the stubborn wolfing I am, just have to do everything against what they say. I need the change and to be honest I wanna see whether I can pull something like that off.

So here I am writing down my first numbers. I don’t know when I shall do the next update but I shall promise picture proof then.

So my starting weight is 96.4kg and I’m 1.59m tall. My BMI is 38.13 which is obese for my age (16)… I’m trying to get to the normal limits for my age and height which has a BMI 17.9-22.7 (46-57kg) meaning I have to lose around 40kg. I wanna do it as quickly as I can but still do it normally.

I think this is all for now. I’m gonna try to document as much as I can and we shall see how my weight loss adventures go.
Ann 🙂