I know I probably have many posts with a title like that but now Jess can be my witness or maybe she did go crazy too? I mean she did see what I saw as well.

Probably will turn it into a silly fiction some day but today I’m just gonna share my weirdness like I usually do. So sit back and enjoy the story time with Ann 😀

I was sitting in my freshly rearranged room and was watching out of the window while talking to Jess on Skype. Earlier in the day I had noticed a weird light which looked like a star but why would I see a star when it’s daytime? At first I thought it was a plane because planes are really common in here and I didn’t pay attention to it but as the time passed and the sun dropped it didn’t move or fade, so my initial thought was UFOs…

What do you think of UFOs? Are there any aliens or UFOs or something of that sort? I personally believe that there might be could be some other forms of life. There’s so much we haven’t discovered and so much we can’t explain yet in our own history but also in the modern life that it is very likely that we may have to share this universe or even this galaxy with some other forms of life.

Now coming back to the weird light. I went to have dinner and forgot about our little friend for a while. I came back and it was gone 😦 Bye bye little light *waves to my alien friends*

So this is all for the weirdness of the night. Am I going crazy? Could there be UFOs? What do you all think? According to Google there shouldn’t be anything around here that could produce the light so idk…

Hope you enjoyed 🙂