Hiya everyone πŸ™‚

So it’s time for another risky post. I know this might get me a lot of hate and I have accepted it but I do want to express my own thoughts and feelings to certain topics and this is one of them. I also want to say that I’m not judging anyone if they don’t think or feel the same way as I do. This post is only to express my thoughts and feelings.

Now when that’s said I guess we should jump right into the blog post.

From the beginning of our race men have been the leaders (yes I’m aware that all of the burning topics of today’s society start like that but in order to move on to the future we should accept and know the past), and even now men often are just better than women. Of course you can name a lot of successful women out there who are super awesome and way better than most of the men in today’s society but I’m talking about the general role of a man and a woman.

So from the beginning of time the roles of man and a woman have been the same. Men do the work, feed the family, earn the money, they also provide home and safety for the family. This leaves everything family related to the women. Women need to take care of the kids, cook the food (even though most of the time men are so much better cooks), make the clothes, clean the house etc etc… On the other hand, back in the day women didn’t have many other rights either. You were the queen of your household and that was all you got, I guess you could say women were just maids with a few benefits (I mean they do say sex is a pleasure).

The next logical step was to give some more rights to women and make us a bit more equal. I agree, it was the next right step to take.

Now you’re probably really confused because you’re wondering what was that risky to write that huge disclaimer to the beginning of the post, so here’s the part where it might get a bit confusing and this is the part where I might start getting all the hate in the world.

Do I think it’s the only reason we should just eliminate all those rights? No. Do I think that girls should do “girly stuff” and boys should be extremely masculine? No. Do I have anything against LGBTQ? No (in fact how could I if I represent the B in there :P).

We gave all of those awesome rights to women but it is in our human nature to want even more, so women became feminists. I don’t approve women being used as items or things like that but I also don’t think women should be equal to men. I think that there should be more equality but definitely men =/= women.

Now if we come back to my first paragraph where I said that men and women have had the same tasks, therefore women should stay women and men should stay men (if you represent one or both or neither of the sexes then you should just stay who you are). I’m not saying that if you are a girl who wants to do the “manly” stuff you shouldn’t do it but that you shouldn’t forget your gender role from way back then, when people first started populating the planet. There must be a reason why women can give birth and why men can’t (besides the most obvious reasons), our bodies were made to serve one of those 2 purposes and yes you could do the other task as well and yes you could be a solider or a firefighter as a woman but your purpose on this planet is to be a mother. So your first task is to raise the children to be healthy and then you have the power and energy to be successful later on and if you could combine your task as a mother to a job that you like then how perfect is that?

I wanted to get more into detail of what I think but I figured that there are some stuff left for another blog post. I know this is pretty messy but I hope you can understand…