Sorry I haven’t been writing lately, I’m going through some busy and confusing times and it has been hard to write but I’m going to try get back to creating content for you.

So I found this interesting speech on TED about tolerance and I found it very interesting and truthful.

I completely agree to the video and what he said but then again I’d like to argue a bit, well actually not argue just discuss about the topic a bit.

In my opinion tourism is about broadening your mind and becoming wiser. This has to happen on both sides, your tour guide has learnt it before but a good tour guide keeps oneself updated and has to know what they talk about, more importantly they have to be passionate about it. The task of the tourist is to learn, to listen and to get better as a person.

In the video he mentioned having two tour guides who could give two different perspectives on the same topic. I found it a really good idea, it will really help with the tolerance you can see people forget their past and be respectful towards each other, meaning you shall accept them the same way.

But then why my classmate who is supposed to have the broadest mind of us all is the most judgmental person ever? In my opinion he refuses to learn and be tolerant also it all comes down to one’s parents. He is spoiled and his parents are arrogant. So how could he learn if his parents tell him that he’s the best no matter what?

All in all I think that people are really different but we shall manage to make this place more tolerant.