Sorry that this blog has been lacking content lately. I have been so busy and so discouraged to mess with the blog that I’ve just pushed it away.

Now I’m back hopefully… At least I’m writing again, it’s good right?

I’m still not completely back on track with school and everything else but I’m trying. I totally have to make a list of priorities or something. Anyways I’m gonna try to write about what has been happening lately.

To start off I’m gonna tell you about what has been going on with my healthy lifestyle project. I’m just gonna say that we probably are back in the beginning with that but I shall start with it again and this time I’m going to try to stick with it. I mean I have to stick with it. I’m still so sick if myself and how I look. Actually this is a bit too much to say… I’m not sick of the way I look, I’m sick of being embarrassed of how I look. I know I’m a pretty girl and I can pull off quite good looks but I also know that if I didn’t have the problem I’d look a lot better. Again, I don’t want to look like a skeleton. I just want to be healthy and not worry about the medical issues I might get.

The next thing I want to write about is my band. I think you all remember how nervous I was about it… Now I can’t live without band rehearsals. They are like a family to me and to be honest I’d be so happy if we had a rehearsal every single day. It would require allnighters for school but I would totally sacrifice my sleep to that. I’m just so thankful for those guys, like I’ve mentioned a lot before I feel like I’m accepted and this feels the best. It’s hard to even explain. I’m not sure what will happen if I meet with Josh and Esponia and rest of the friends I consider as close as my bandmates…

I want to write about my school adventures but I guess I can’t yet because I need my results. So you have to wait until I have all of the results.

So I guess that’s all for now… I don’t think I should share more, some things aren’t for the internet world yet. Hope you enjoyed the post.
Ann :3