This week has been pretty amazing. It has been almost perfect… I’ve enjoyed the whole week. I’ve had band moments, Josh moments, friend moments, work moments, I guess there have been school moments too even though they have been rather depressing. Is it bad that I find school so depressive yet everything else keeps me going? I mean I don’t mind learning and educating myself but school…

Anyways, this wasn’t the topic was it?

I guess the highlight of the week was the concert we had, I didn’t expect it to go so good as it did. It was my first time to perform with a band and I listened to my own advice for the first time. I managed to calm myself (Since when I can do that? What’s wrong with me? lol). I was actually so proud of myself. Also, on moments like this you understand who are your real friends. There are people who just find excuses not to come and then there are people who just come to support their friend, unfortunately there are also people who want to come so badly but they can’t due to distance… I think the first and the last examples are so incredibly sad, not sure which one is more sad but oh well. Back to the concert. We did pretty good for our first performance, I know that there’s room for improvement and I would probably make some re-arrangements on the band but this will be a secret between me and you. And again I’ve drifted off from the things I wanted to say… After the concert we went out to eat and we had a bonding moment. It was so nice, I love bonding moments with band and I think it all brings us closer together, I find it very important when it comes to band.

Another highlight of the week has been the calls with Josh… I’m just so totally in love *insert many hearts here* To be completely honest I don’t know what to say about this topic because I’m just so totally in love and I feel this is just for the two of us. (Sorry reading fangirls, this is still my personal life).

 (btw I shall explain you the meaning in the call).

Another thing I wanted to write about is the fact that I got a job. It’s not much but the price they pay is pretty good and since I like the job (I think it will help me to be more open to talk to people) I thought to take as much as I can out of it and do my best. I need the money for a new bass and I also want to travel a lot so collecting some money through that would be nice. Also I think I will start selling some of my own stuff which will be even more extra money so I hope it will be a lot of help for me to make my more expensive dreams come true.

So the song of the blog post will be as follows: 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
Ann :3