Yesterday got me inspired to write again even tho I feel like I could’ve done a much better job in writing it.

I’m sure you have noticed the lack of health and book posts lately and most of my recent posts have been all about Josh and the band and school. I’m trying to change that and I’m trying to start managing my time better so I could write about different stuff. I feel that variety would be better, don’t want to bore you with the same topics.

I guess you all want to know what I’m planning to do now. I’m trying to make a very strict and set schedule for myself because before I’ve been just giving up on the stuff I shouldn’t, for example my workout times. I know I need it and I know it will help me get rid of some of the problems I have.

I know my potential and I want to start using it. I want to do well and probably it will stress me out even more and will eventually drag me down but I’m pretty sure my friends and family will help me out (even though there are some difficulties there). I mean it’s nothing major and it’s mostly my own ghosts I see somewhere they’re not.

Another thing I want to start doing is actually listening what my psychologist says to me… I have been listening to her but I haven’t done the tasks she gives me and I have to start doing them even if I’m embarrassed myself to admit some stuff to myself. I know she can help but it won’t change anything if I don’t listen to her.

All in all I hope you can see the change in me and in what I do. I also wish you a good day and hope it’s not as rainy as it is here 🙂
Ann :3