The whole day I had everything planned out. The whole day I had the perfect plan of what to write and now when I opened up wordpress I know nothing.

4c2bb7fceb300e7c52ab63a78306b06b7e357ff1108e1106831693ab6c7f4ab5I hope I remember it all as I write it because I don’t want to spam the post with memes (it will probably happen anyways).

Actually I think I know now what I was supposed to write and even if it wasn’t the thing I originally planned it was a bit different. I think I mentioned it in a post a month or so ago about going to see a psychologist and she told me to make a list of priorities and I couldn’t write anything down. There are so many things I find equally important.

Lately I have been very confused anyways. One moment I’m happy and stuff the other moment I could jump off a cliff. I don’t know who to trust or who I can count on so I feel so lonely. i_feel_alone_by_funnyfigur-d3b4wqi I also feel very lost. I just feel like I’m dragging along this fast paced life I live in. I’d love to be successful in it but right now I feel like I should just be hiding and leaving everyone alone.

I know I should tell her the same things I do here but when it’s time for the appointment I forget everything and it becomes so hard to talk to her. I also have the same problem with TELLING my friends. I just prefer them to read out some things from the way I act or the blog posts I create… Sometimes I just wish people could read my mind. mind-reading-120131-676450- I guess I should stop with my pointless and depressive rants… I guess I just wanted to say that I’m pretty much back to the point I was a year ago and my actions are drifting there too, now there are just more people to hide from.

And I know I said I’m ok to some of you and to be honest I am, I am okay but I’m not at the same time. I’m okay enough to function and be acceptable for the public but actually I’m not I guess… or… I don’t even know.

Hope you liked this post full of pictures
Ann /).(\