I’m gonna start with last post. Now for this week’s numbers.

Starting weight (BMI): 96.4kg (38.13)
Last week’s weight (BMI): 96 kg (37.97)
Current weight (BMI): 94.7 (37.77)
Goal weight (BMI): 50kg (19.78)

I’m not gonna do the goals again now because I have to rethink them a bit.


We had this lecture thingie about healthy lifestyle and it was so inspiring. I don’t know how to explain it exactly but something in my head changed, there was a click of sorts. Now I only need Josh to be there for me and stuff (I know he will but still) and help me get through the difficulties. Right now there are also other reasons for me to be determined so I’m gonna (hopefully) use that determination and get things going.

I mean I still have a few things to bring me down but I’m sure I can overcome those easily.

I actually wrote down a bunch of stuff I wanted to discuss about. So I’m gonna do that right here and now. I think the first thing I should talk about are the reasons why I have so much trouble losing weight. I’m not trying to complain or anything and I’m not going to find any kinds of excuses, I just want to explain why I’ve had so much trouble losing it and keeping it down and I’m also going to tell you my ideas on how I could change that.

The reasons are as follows (Again, not trying to find excuses, I think it’s good for myself to sort those kinds of things out):

  • The first reason would be the fact that I’ve always been overweight. I mean as long as I can remember I have had that problem. I don’t know how life is with normal weight, I mean I can imagine it a bit but from this aspect I don’t get any motivation.
  • I don’t have a strong personality. What I mean by that is the fact that I get discouraged very very easily. I don’t know how to keep myself motivated and even the smallest things throw me off.
  • I can’t keep routine. I absolutely hate routine, I know in life we can’t get without routine but I try to keep my life as interesting as I can. So workout routines or drinking enough water or stuff like that isn’t for me really.
  • I have hard time controlling the things I eat or drink. I can very well say I’m an emotional eater and I’ve struggled with it and this is one of the reasons why my weight goes up and down all the time.
  • Also my issues with depression. It’s another huge discouragement. I know I can’t blame it, it’s also a illness on it’s own but I think you all know what it causes you to feel so it kinda makes sense.

I actually have found some ways to keep myself motivated and such. I always try to find new apps and gadgets and ways to keep my journey to healthier lifestyle and I think I’ve found a really good way to do that. I don’t think I can write about it yet but I shall ask from the guy working on the project what he thinks about me writing about it.

I think it’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3