So I’m going to write you about art today. I guess you’ve all been wondering what happened to my art and now I can tell you what happened to it and what is going to happen from now on with it.

So I have been very discouraged to do art and this is merely (look at me trying to use fancy words) the only reason why I didn’t do art anymore, this weekend though I got inspired again and I shall talk about it a bit more.

I have been hanging out with my friends a lot more and on Friday we had a picnic and also they came over for a movie night and it was really cool and inspiring. We had a chat about art and I showed them my stuff and they liked it so I got inspired again, I guess I’m an artsy person… I’m not sure if I am but maybe I should try out with art.

So here is this post which will promise you more art and more artsy stuff. Hopefully I can get somewhere with my artsy personality because if not then I have no idea what I’m gonna do with my life :/