Title: Ondskan
Author: Jan Guillou
Rating: 5/5

12384139 So this is the book I read. I am not sure whether it is in English or not but I just had to write about it because it left a really good impression and I wanted to share about it with you 😀

I loved the book so much. Now I want to read it also without the school pressure. It just made me think about the evilness around us and how big of a problem bullying and violence actually is.

As usual I have no idea how to word my emotions. I just found this book very truthful in a way. I don’t have those kinds of problems but I have seen violence in my life and I know what it does to people.

Another reason why I liked the book was the fact that it was very well written. Also the fact that it seemed like Erik (the main character) was talking to me or at least writing to me. I really like it when an author does that. With some books I like to be present, I like to be the observer within the book itself.

I also kind of found it inspiring for my art. Even though the book itself is kind of hostile I kinda like the peaceful inspiration it gives me. I feel like this book and a few other things guided me back to creative writing (yes, it’s coming back) and my art.

I guess it’s all I have to say now… Sorry for it being so short and crappy and whatever but I shall do the next one way more in depth. Hope you enjoyed 🙂