I’m gonna add pictures from our last performance. They finally uploaded them so I thought it would be nice to upload them here too.

So here they are, I totally need to work on my movement on the stage. This is on my to-do list right now… Actually that’s a lie. My main goal is to get tickets to USA. *waves to all of my US friends*

I had some random thoughts I wanted to share but now when I mentioned US I totally forgot them because I started to think about Josh and books and stuff like that so my random thoughts have disappeared… If someone sees random thoughts wandering around then give me a call πŸ“±Β or sth πŸ˜€

I guess I could always talk about what I’m planning to do with this blog… Since I’m having some problems with my friends right now then I’m gonna just go with mostly art and my creative writing posts. I shall try to do my health posts but I have no idea how I will do with them because right now I don’t really know how much free time I’ll have but I’m definitely trying to keep them somewhat frequent.