So it’s probably going to be another short post but I’m going to try to make it a bit longer. The first topic I wanted to talk about was PISA tests… if you don’t know then Google it because I’m lazy šŸ˜› Sorry m8s.

We got a letter of thanks for participating on the test which is kinda funny… I mean it was obligatory so why thank us? So the test consisted of four things. Maths, Sciences and reading also we had a questionnaire about our life and school stuff and things like that. It was so simple… I was so surprised. I thought it will be incredibly hard. So those are all of my thoughts on the topic so I’m gonna share some art with you.

It was some random things. It was drawn while on skype with my friends so I have nothing to tell about it but I hope you enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Ann šŸ™‚