Last Thursday Sven (lead guitarist of my band) introduced me to a game called Ingress.

This is the official video to the game. I hope you get the idea of it but I was searching through YouTube in order to fully understand the game and I was kinda surprised. People get that extreme with it, that made me think about how much technology and virtual life is too much, can it be too much and what is going to happen with us.

I think you all know I’m a pretty virtual person, most of my friends and my boyfriend and everyone is abroad. Of course I don’t live my life completely online but I spend there quite a lot of time. I personally think that I’ve learnt to reduce the time I spend online and I do enjoy my life outside of the internets.

Anyways I downloaded the game and I realised that this game is highly addicting. If I didn’t have the problem of charging my phone I’d play it all the time. It’s interesting how such a simple game could take over your life.

What do you think? How much technology is too much? I think that we’re slowly getting to the point when there’s too much technology around us. I look around my room and I see mostly tech and wires. I find it kinda sad because I value books a lot and all I see is tech. Of course I’m a tech nerd but still. I guess I’m a bit scared of what the future holds for us because I still really love human communication and such but it seems to get harder.

I wanna hear your thoughts on the topic. Leave them down as a comment.

Ann :3