I’ve been up to so much and I’m not sure when things happened but I’m trying to keep it in the order they happened.

The first thing I recall was in Kelm, we had a performance. It was so cool, the other bands were amazing and I really enjoyed it again. So many weird things happened there. So we had a new song which was by the XX and it is called Islands.

 We also played Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes but unfortunately I don’t have the video footage of that 😦 We were in the beginning. I believe we were the 4th band to stand on that stage. I was quite glad because I was able to listen to other bands also which I always love. There was a band called Parabool and they have their first fangirl 😉 We were in the front row and it was  so asdfghjkl 😍 Then suddenly Kaarel pulled me back stage to talk to me, he wanted to tell me why he left my best friend. It was a very weird experience because usually he doesn’t talk to me seriously, just fools around. I guess this time he really felt bad about what he did.

After that I hung out with my friends. It felt so good to be with them, almost everyone was there (I mean all of the friends I have here because I know that my online familia won’t be able to come so soon). I felt blessed and I felt like I belong somewhere which as you all know sometime back wasn’t in my list of feelings to feel.

The weird thing what happened there was that a photographer came to talk to me and our drummer. He didn’t say hi, he just asked from Joonatan (our drummer) when are we going to marry. We were both shocked and then he replied that we’re not going to marry. Then the guy gave him a huge lecture that I should be taken asap. I just was happy that I have Josh.

Some days passed and we had to film a movie for Russian lesson, so this is what we ended up with:

 It was so much fun to film it. Here are some pics from it too:

They shall probs kill me if they see that I posted them… I hope you keep your mouth shut and won’t tell them. Most of the filming time went on laughing just because the original video was just so wtf.

The last important event before I go to my usual rambles I shall tell you about the spring concert I went to yesterday.11329852_924591107561338_8242692593098046029_n This is my choir, well it used to be my choir. I am kinda sad that I quit but then again I’m happy. They used to be my family, I still admire each and every one of them but there were some reasons why I needed to quit and why I needed to end my career as a singer. I didn’t felt accepted in general so it felt the right desicion. I will go and see every concert I can.

Now for the usual ramble. I’m going to skip the usual Eurovision ramble most Europe has the day after Eurovision. I’m just gonna say that in general I was happy with the results and if you don’t know what it is then google or something because Eurovision is awesome.

The last topic I wanna tell you about is a bit depressive but it’s the reason why I took a break from writing and it’s the most recent thing. The topic is school and the reason is that I’m failing some of the more important classes I’m taking so I’ve been really concentrating on school and trying to fix my grades. Tomorrow we shall see whether I manage to do that or not. Hopefully I will, if not then it’s gg for me. In that case I have to think of what to do with my life. I also have to finish the yearbook so I’m so busy but I’m trying. I have music back in my life with regular guitar lessons so I’m happy, I can do this and if I can’t then oh well.