I’m going to start this post with a song. After I’ve added it I’m going to explain why this title and why this song.

For me this song represents freedom and new beginning. If you’ve watched this years Eurovision then you know that it won but I liked it from the first time I heard it which was pretty much after it came out.

So why did I choose this kind of a title?

Some of you know that I had last day of school before exams. I feel like this is our time to be the Heroes, to have a new beginning and enjoy the freedom we’ve given. I’ve always seen graduating from middle school as a new beginning because if you think about it then the first 9 years you actually do nothing, you just revise for the last 3 years when you actually start doing stuff. And after that you have the oppurtunity to go to uni so you’re always growing.

This is an option of what to do with your life when nothing goes right 😉

Anyways… the topic of this post is something totally different. I wanted to tell you about the day.

It started off as any other day but somehow it still felt special. I have no idea why but it did. During lunch time we had a small little thing in the school assembly hall, it was so cute but this wasn’t the most imortant thing of the day. The most important/weird/cool thing happened during French… The lesson itself was cancelled but we were in the library and it was so funny. I’m pretty sure people think I’m weird and should be looked after 24/7… I guess this is what happens if people heal from mental illness? I’m just pretty amazed how I’ve changed, from that shy girl that was afraid of people to that social girl who has a lot of friends. I should thank Josh for that because it’s mostly cause of him, he made me realise I’m worth something ❤

I also have some interesting news to tell you. I have a new series cominh up. It kinda goes along with my health project. It shall start on June 1st, so tune in whenever you can 😀

Hope you enjoyed
Ann :3