Title: The Silver Linings Playbook
Author: Matthew Quick
Rating: 5/5

To whoever hasn’t read that, you should. Unfortunately I read that in Estonian so I definitely need to read it in English too but sometimes it feels good to read a book in my own native language as well. I don’t want to review this book in a typical way but I shall probably will do so in the first few paragraphs.

So I really enjoyed the reading experience and the fact that the book was translated I started to love it ❤ I liked the style and I liked the book and the storyline. I probably would’ve liked to get to know the characters a bit more but I also liked it the way it is now. In a weird way I could relate to Pat (the main character). I felt that there are many things I am like him. Some of his realisations are similar to the ones I’ve gone through recently (it’s not too too similar but still I could see myself in him). I could actually find a lot of relatable in this storyline. For example our story with Josh seems to be a bit similar. At some point I could just feel the parallels to my life and to our relationship, I have to admit it was kinda creepy. Of course the similarities aren’t so straight forward but they’re hidden in the book.

I learned a lot from this book due to it being so similar to my life and some of the things mentioned there. I just understand Josh a lot more. It was like a gateway for me to understand because after all we have totally different cultural backgrounds. It can be hard but I love it and I understand him even more thanks to the book. Many people say here that Americans are too emotional… I have no idea how someone can be too emotional but ok… Anyways what I learned from the book is that even though for a cold Estonian peasant they might seem so but at least they are sincere (of course you can always fake it but those are exceptions I hope).

All in all I think this book was an eye-opener. I really enjoyed it and I see now why I couldn’t read anything else and stared at the book every time I pulled my book drawer open. I shall probably read it once again sooner or later because I liked it so much. I hope to watch the movie and tell you about it too.

Ann :3