Hello everyone!

I thought I’m gonna do a random little post about different stuff going on right now. I’ve realised my life is pretty busy and eventful despite the fact I never leave my home 😂 … I know it’s tragic 😭

Anyways I’m happy with what’s going on and I promise I’ll try to go outside sometimes but first I need to fix everything in my household and have to become friends with myself. #goals (see I’m turning my blog less official :P)

Anyways I’m really thankful for this: Views

because I know I haven’t been that active recently so I’m thankful even these small amounts of views I get :3 #HaveToLoveMyReaders Actually I’m just thankful that I’ve gotten so far because I started this blog with an intention to just write out my feelings.

To be honest I have an excuse for living in my room again. It’s just the fact that I met so many inspiring and cool people online. I have so much to talk to them and I feel happy. I know I can’t be in my room chatting with online people but I’m actually just working on the ability to go and meet them. I have so many friends all around the world and I choose them wisely. Right now I’m doing everything here so I could meet them.

Talking about my friends… One of them told me these song lyrics from Imagine Dragons. I listen to them but I’m not so familiar of their song lyrics and I made a little edit. I think they are worth showing to you guys. He said they apply to me after reading my blog so I think it makes sense to post these here.


What I also wanted to tell you is what will be happening to my blog this summer. Like I said I want to do more of the posts which require some research. I promise that will happen but for that I’m going to start taking some online courses, a local magazine added some online course places and I thought I’m gonna give it a try and shall learn some stuff from there. I’ve also found reading again so I’m gonna be posting a lot more book reviews and book related content. Health posts because I’m literally scared of my health. Also I’m gonna give a try to programming so I hope my blog posts will start looking a lot more interesting 😀 To make that all happen and to make it all come true I have been working on a fun way to use my planner. I’m gonna start organising my time and I want to break out of my class cage. Step one of breaking through it has definitely been my blog. Writing so openly about my life has definitely helped me. I think it’s time to make step 2, 3 and 4 successful.

Have a song with this post too 😀

Hope you enjoyed my weird and random little post.
Ann :3