So today I have been planning my life a lot more. I went to shopping in order to buy some things for my planner so I could make it more fun. The first week is pretty chaotic but I’m going to try to start working on it more and prepare for it more too. I hope I can get some ink for my printer so I could print some stickers myself and such.

So here are the things I bought:


Unfortunately you can see the tapes that well 😦 On the next haul/update I’m gonna show you how I organise my time and how I keep myself motivated to organise my time because I do have a lot to do. This is also a way to do more art but I’m sure my summer days will have time for being artsy too.

I think that’s all for now. I’m sorry that this post was a bit too short. I’m might write one more post later on but I’m not sure. We shall see what happens.

Hope you enjoyed
Ann :3