Hey everyone!

This post might be a bit confusing and make no sense whatsoever so I shall apologise for that. This will just be another post where I need to let it all go…

First off I have the results of my last exam.

I got an A *faints* I’m so proud of myself. I got more points than some of the smart kids of the class. I was so surprised… I think I still haven’t realised how well I did. So to cheer myself up (I shall get to that a bit later on the post) I bought a few things.


So these are basically all the things I got. The magic cards I had earlier but I finally brought them home from my friends place. I really love the bag. It looks so cool, I’m so happy with it even though it was a bit on the expensive side. Also I hope there’s something cool on the My Little Pony blindbag. ^.^


So this is what I got from the blindbag. I really love the pony. I really love her name and her colors and everything. She’s just such a cutie (weird things keeping me alive right now eh).

20150610_222459And this is the bracelet I got for my graduation. I really like it and will probably wear it more then that.

So now for the things that don’t make me so happy. I’m in the point again where I have to ask these questions:

Where_do_I_belong_____by_Paint_Soul_Linker PicsArt_1433359968611

Just because I had to quit band. We had no rehearsals and I just felt like there was no point in being there if we did nothing. I’m kinda sad because I liked the people but oh well… I’m just gonna manage, hopefully. Luckily my classmate picked me up so I’m not completely bandless but there will be a small break and I’m kinda feeling bad for being a twat to them.

Now the other thing that has been bringing me down is Josh. I know I just posted this book review-ish thing explaining how I understand him and stuff, it made me closer to him and I guess since I read this book on my own then it’s kinda onesided… I mean I really like him and I can manage with the distance if we talked a lot more… I understand that too that he might be busy with his chores or whatever but I’m sure you could find time to text to your gf even if she’s asleep? I don’t know anymore. I feel like it’s ending and I don’t want it to because I care and have really strong feelings but I’m broken all the time and I get no replies so I have no idea what to do anymore… I don’t even know how to word this paragraph properly…

Here you go, have a song too: