Hello everyone O/

So today I’m gonna write about what I’ve been doing and what “challenges” I faced today.

Today was another eye opener for me. I guess it kinda goes under the whole health topic because the things I’m gonna write about are all connected to that.

The beginning of the day was a real ego booster so I know where to go from here. I know I can be a little rocker chick without looking too manly (even though I have to admit some of men’s clothes do look awesome). It also boosted up my mood in general (you know if you read yesterday’s post).

I’m really happy with the results 😍


I’m aware that this is a picture from snapchat and that my mom is on the picture but I don’t have anything else because I totally forgot my need to share every detail of my life.

After my adventures in the hair salon I we went shopping with mum. It was really nice yet really depressing for me. I’m really happy for the things I did got but I’m really unhappy for the things I can’t get (just because there’s only 1 store I can get new clothes from…). The whole trip was an eye opener and I learned a lot and I think I know what I want to do with mysself too.

Ann.  (sorry for a short one)