A sleepy hello to all of you O/

Yesterday I was at my friends graduation and that’s why I missed a post but I’m gonna write about it today. I had a lot of fun even though I’m a bit angry at myself for not being able to pull my shit together *pokes myself* Anyways… I did enjoy it and I hope I didn’t ruin it too much and besides I was happy until some point. I also got some blog ideas so that’s also good.

So now I’m gonna start writing about the day I guess. For me it started out as a regular day. I didn’t do anything that special, I just picked out the dress I was gonna wear later on the day and the shoes and thought about make up. I really regret that I didn’t take something for the evening but you learn from your mistakes eh? At least I did.

Then I met up with my friend and we went to buy flowers for her. I bought yellow roses and they matched her dress so yay ^.^ I was so surprised when I saw that her dress was the same colour. Then we went to the train station and the heat killed me :/ The first week of the summer is always horrible because I have no idea what to wear and I usually melt. Anyways, we were waiting for the train and then we saw our friend/her boyfriend (they finally started dating, yay ^.^) It was a lovely train ride and the train was nice and cold and I could unmelt 😉 again.

After the graduation we walked to her place and had some cake and stuff, heard her sing which was 😍 like she has such a cool voice. #singinggoals Then we went out and about and I snapchatted and chatted to Josh and I missed him and it made me kinda eh… I mean it wasn’t something too bad but it made me quiet and stuff so I tried to somehow keep my mood up but it was kinda hard.

So we were out and about until 1 AM or so and then we went back to her home. Then we pretty much talked the whole night… I fell asleep on an armchair around 3 AM. Before falling asleep I had a talk with Maarja (the friend who graduated) and it made me think quite a bit… Not sure what will happen from now on and what I’ll do but I guess we shall see. I need to have some talking time with her and also consult some others on the matter. I think woke up around 7 AM not so sure when exactly… but we took the train back to town at 8 AM, it felt so nice to walk on the morning village, the sun was shining and everything. From the moment I got home until now I have been on and off sleeping 😴 I hope I didn’t mess up my sleeping schedule with that.

I guess that’s it for now.
Ann :3