So I want to write about something I noticed while I was at work.

People can’t speak proper Estonian… Like wtf… If you live in a country you should at least use proper grammar. I know that from time to time I mess up with grammar too but I try to improve myself as much as possible.

Pretty sure I’ve made at least 10 grammar mistakes in this blog post already but it’s okay because it’s not my native language. It just annoys me a bit that us as the speakers of the language don’t respect it enough to make some effort to speak it properly.

So the thing that happened at work was that I was doing the job aka introducing the product and then there’s this guy who comes and wishes me great work and here we have some phrases which have a specific answer for it to be grammatically correct and I said the proper answer. The guy looked at me like I had killed someone. Just because the context didn’t really go with the essence of the job (the phrase has sth to do with strength but my job requires basically none) but I was just being grammatically correct…

I think that’s all for my short little post.

Hope you enjoyed
Ann :3