This post will probably be a huge mess of a post. I just have so much to write about. I’m gonna start with a recipe for you all. I found this from an app called yummly.

So here is what the salad looks like:


Here’s a link to it:

Also some other things I wanted to write about is that somehow I’m back in Sven’s band -.- I am still pretty annoyed with his behaviour but oh well… Anyways we’re currently learning this song :

 It’s a good song and has a cool bass line but I’ve been listening to it way too much.

In other news I have found another blog to look up to. This blog is pretty much perfection.I like his style  in every way, the writing style but also the page itself. So I hope you check him out 🙂

I also did this photo edit giving a little sneak peek of my new planner spread. Its quote to be more exact


Found this pic online and thought it would be perfect for the edit.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Ann :3