I’m pretty sure you all noticed I was gone for a few days… I’m so sorry because of that. I didn’t really mean to but yeah it happened. I got really discouraged and I had so much to do that I didn’t really have time too. But now summer is here and I’m a bit more motivated. 🙂


So I guess we should start with the fact that I graduated… not even sure if I mentioned that… but yeah, that’s what happened.

We also celebrated summer solstice or midsummer or I don’t even know how do you fancy English speaking people name that holiday. Here are some pictures of it:

20150623_223754 20150623_223805 20150623_223818 20150623_223827 20150623_223832 So this is the site where the concert we went to was held. It actually has some old ruins and a church but I wasn’t able to take pictures of the church.

20150623_231653 This is the band we went to see. It’s a local band and they’re called Traffic. I don’t normally listen to their music but they were pretty good live so I thought I shall give them a listen from now on. I’m also gonna add a song here, not sure which one it is yet but I hope I shall find the one I liked the most.

Honestly, this is a lot better in live. I still am not the biggest fan of the song as is on the video.

PicsArt_1435086308585 So this is the last picture of the night. It’s the tradition here to make a huge fire. On the previous years we’ve had a bigger fire but oh well. This was still pretty awesome. The reason why people make fires on that day is that fire is said to have power on that day and if you don’t make a fire then it will be bad luck because fire will be mad at you.

There is one more thing I want to write about before I go and do my other daily doings… mostly watching YouTube videos and doing some other random pointless things… Just kidding, I’m actually trying to get my life on track so I’m gonna tidy and go work and stuff like that but the thing I wanted to write about is my new planner hobby. So yesterday I posted a picture of a quote so today you can see what the weekly spread looks like.


I don’t have much decorated there because I didn’t know what the theme will be but I have an idea already for next week and the week after so I hope they will look better. Also I didn’t quite know what this week will look like so that’s why there are those flags.On the right you can see my little folder that I made and I’m gonna talk about that note book a bit more on my next health post. Also despite having this ruled paper on the right hand side I still prefer to write random stuff like shopping lists and apps to download on a separate post-it note because if I have done those things on the sheet I can just throw them away. On the ruled paper I will write about some important events, for example for this week I wrote about the concert and at school I can use this paper for things that need more explanation.

I also want to share my monthly layout. I have a quote for that too which I will do a photo edit again a few days before but this time you shall see the spread before the edit.


So it’s a little dinosaur theme I marked the days when I have something important to do but since it’s summer I mostly have work. Or I just haven’t planned beforehand so if something happens then I shall write more to it and decorate it also a bit more.

I hope you enjoyed
Ann :3