Yet again I have failed with my health adventures and I’m pretty mad at myself. It’s like an on-going circle. I think why I always forget and get so discouraged is the fact that I have no-one to support me (watch me get hate comments from my friends <3) but I don’t really mean that kind of support that they offer. I need someone with the same kind of problem, someone who I could talk to and discuss it with. It’s kind of a closed circle.

This is a bit what I feel in general… It’s not exactly like I feel but there are times when I feel that and the same circle goes to the healthy lifestyle. I know I was pretty good with my thinking for a while but I have no idea what happened with that…

I know my mum created a special blog for that (the blog is in Estonian but it would be nice if you took a peek) but at this point we’re on such a different level and I just don’t want to share my stuff with her because I’d only worry her and I don’t really wanna do it, I mean she could see my wellness journal all times, it’s open on my table so yeah…

Anyways what I wanted to write about is a friend I created for myself. Let me introduce you to my wellness and inspiration journal.


So this is the cover of it. The reason why I love it so much is that it has a heart on it and when I saw it I immediately knew that this will be somehow related to my wellness and inspiration and artsy kind of stuff.


This is the first page of the journal. I made a little collage and added the following quote:

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live- John Rohn

I thought it would be a great quote to put on the first page to remind me that I’m doing it for me and my well-being. Of course the next following pages help to make this even clearer.

This page is just a reminder that I’m wonderful and beautiful already so if I achieve my goals I shall be even better. The page next to it is just an index for quicker access to important stuff.


This is the so called beginning page. I have my beginning measurements which I haven’t really filled out yet but I shall do it today, I promise and also two quotes to keep me motivated.

Junk food you’ve carved for an hour or the body you’ve carved for a lifetime? Your decision.


I’m not losing weight. I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again.


This is my tracker. I just track some random things which I need to do daily but usually don’t. I just want to start somekind of a habit with those things. On the little post-it I have my future 30 day challenge tasks. Next time I’m gonna save the picture or file or link so I could share it with you.

20150630_111332Now this I think is my bestest friend of the the whole wellness/inspiration planner. Despite it being only the second day I have made so much use of it. I’m really happy how it turned out. I  found this layout after spending hours on YouTube. And this is the video that inspired me.

 I really like her set up and even though I don’t use the other stuff she uses I really like this set up and currently it works for me.

I think that’s all. If you wanna chat about anything I mentioned here or have any questions you’re more than welcome to comment on this post.

Hope you Enjoyed 🙂
Ann :3