Hiya again ^^/

This time I wanted to write something I’ve noticed throughout the last few days. Since I wanna prove a point and show that even with a crappy instrument you can be an amazing musician then I’ve been practicing every single day. I feel very good about doing that. With the past 5 days I’ve improved a lot. I mean for a beginner I’m really good 😎 Well okay not really good but I’m way better than I’m expected to be which is really cool. For a change I’m proud of myself and it feels really good.

There’s actually more that I’m proud of. At the beginning of the day I was really discouraged and sad and depressed about my first setback but I kinda made up for it and I hope that I can see my efforts tomorrow. I also hope that I can keep up my good work tomorrow.

I really feel that this will be my quote of the day. Despite having a setback day I dealt with it. I didn’t get too sad over it and it I kept on going. I also am grateful for the opportunities I got for working out from the hospital. So I can at least get back on track 😍

I’m actually starting to value myself more. I threw away some broken and ugly clothes that I clung to because I felt that I didn’t have much to wear but today I realised that I have enough clothes and I can make them all work for me if I only want to. So everything is good and I’m getting better and better at life with every day 🙂

Ann :3