Title: Marina
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Rating: 5/5

I finished this book. I took quite a while which is a pity but I’m quite happy that I took the time to finish it today.

I could go to Google and Google you a short summary of what this book was about which would probably be full of spoilers or I could tell you how I see it. I think I’m going to go with the second option.

So how I see this amazing book?

I see it as a gothic love story. I love the way he brought together the creepy and sometimes even vile stories with love and everything so nice and pure. The love in there was innocent but the stories that were happening were mostly unpleasant and for a weird reason I loved this combination. Since I usually read late at night and I got even scared and hoped that I don’t get nightmares. I think it’s important to bring it out because usually it doesn’t happen to me when I read. I think it was so easy to go into this book and grasp the storyline and the characters. I immediately fell in love with them. There was one thing I was kind of sad about and for me it seemed like the character bulding for Marina was kind of weak, which was a pity considering that she is one of the main characters. I felt like we didn’t see her grow and evolve that much. Other then that I really loved the characters and the storyline.

Another thing that I have to mention is that I love the cover art. I mean it looks so amazing, so beautiful, well designed and clean. I like that a lot. When I first saw this book in the bookstore it caught my eye, it was so mysterious and I wanted to dive right into it and start to read. After I bought it I sensed somekind of power from it and I was a bit afraid to read it thinking that the power of the book will be too much for me. While reading it I also thought it will be somehow similar to The Angel’s Game I read last year but luckily it wasn’t. I did see some similarities but after all the writer is the same and the style is the same. I do love his style though so it’s all good 🙂 I loved every moment I read this book and I’m probably going to reread it sometimes soon. Also, I found so many quotes there so I’m going to make edits of them for my instagram (don’t worry, I’ll post them here too).

I think that’s all about this book I can think of now. I hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3