So this post is going to be the last goodbye. I think I need it and one of my friends recommended me this option but just in a different way (of course I needed a reason to write a blog post). So the idea of the blog post is basically to leave behind my old band and thank them for the awesome time we had.

 So if any of my band mates is reading this then I just want to say that you’re all awesome people and I don’t regret a thing, I’m just sad that this didn’t last as long as it could have.

You’re all awesome people and I want to thank you for these awesome 6 months we had together and I’m happy that I at least made one good friend.

Another thing I think is needed for this post is some of the performance videos I made.

There’s one more video but this isn’t a full video and it isn’t uploaded on YouTube. Actually… I’m not even sure I have it on my own drive because my friend filmed the video but I don’t think I ever received it…

Anyways yeah. This is my last goodbye to the band. I want to thank you all for this amazing time and I hope we still keep on chatting and spending time together.

For others I hope that you enjoyed this music filled post.
Ann :3