I can’t get my hands on the pictures but I promise they will be up for summer summary (2014). I think I’m gonna start doing those every year just to see how my summers change.

I’m not sure if I told you but I spent last week at nan’s. It was quite fun but got really tiring at the end. Luckily on Saturday we could go to a family reunion and visit some other relatives from father’s side so it ended up being really interesting. I didn’t like being in the car though… The seatbelt strangled  me and I had trouble breathing (that could’ve been my anxiety as well)…

Finally we arrived to the schoolhouse my father’s cousins had bought. They own a small chocolate factory. Their chocolate is like the best thing ever. I’m definitely sending some to my friends for Christmas or other holidays. So if you want to check their chocolate out you can do it here or on their facebook page.

After adventuring there we went to the family reunion. It was really fun. We had dinner and played badminton. It was really fun and my team won. Unfortunately we had to leave early because my brother got fussy. At home I talked to Josh and fell asleep pretty quick because I was so tired from the day.

I think that’s all (I had written more but my computer died so I had saved it weirdly as a draft and I was too lazy to write it as long as the original one was, sowwy).
Ann :3