Hey guys!

So I’m happy to announce that a few new things are happening before summer ends and also in autumn. Another awesome thing you should wait is a book review which will be here later this week. It will be about a book series and if you guys have been following me on Goodreads then you know which series it is.

Another thing I have to leave links to is a thing called Booktube-a-thon. I don’t know how much of you know about it but I shall write about it more a day before it starts. I shall tell you about all the books I plan to read and this will probably give you a lot of book reviews too… Of course if I fail then not so many but still 😛

The last thing is something I’m really excited about. I don’t really want to talk about it because it is still in the very beginning of it and I have written about it before on my blog (if you’re clever enough then you’ll figure it out). All the things I can say about it is connected to this blog and other social media. I hope it will help us all in the end and I’m so happy to write about it more in depth because it’s worth it.

And the very last thing is about my today’s cooking adventures… I posted a pic on my Instagram. So some of you probably know what it is 😉 I found this recipe on the app that I use called Yummly (dunno if I have mentioned it before). So it’s a lasagne with mushrooms and spinach in it. My opinions on it are quite funny because at first I thought I had messed it up but after we actually started eating it then I realised that it was so tasty. We didn’t eat it right away because our plans changed so I let it sit for a few hours and it tasted so much better. I didn’t mind it in the beginning but it was even better after it had been there just minding it’s on business on the kitchen table for a few hours.

I think that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed 😀
Ann :3