Pretty sure I’m gonna visit England more often so I’m just going to title it like that… Probably will have to get more precise sooner or later…

Anyways, I spent 4 days in England with Jess and it was amazing. I loved every moment when I was there. Especially the fact that I got all the books I wanted to.


I got most of the books I can’t get in here, at least I tried to. I’m currently reading Ready Player One and I love it. But I’m going off topic (as usual)…

So I didn’t go there from Tallinn because we don’t have flights to East Midlands from here yet. My trip started 6am, dad and I went to Riga. I didn’t get much sleep and anxiety made me want to throw up but I managed to fall asleep after we solved the car problem (we had to switch cars because ours broke). Luckily we wasn’t late. I did my check in and went to the right gate. The rest of the time I was just chatting to sis. After the take off I was anxious but not as anxious as I was on our way to Riga. I even managed to read a bit and I was quite surprised that I could, considering that there were 2 guys sleeping on me (yay for travelling alone and having the middle seat…). I arrived to England before the scheduled time but got across the border 30mins later. Luckily Jess arrived there pretty much just after  I got out of the airport (it was such a small airport… I was so surprised, I’ve never been to such a small airport).

Then we went to see her grandparents and I honestly wasn’t ready for that and I was quite nervous but I think I did good… I loved their garden, it was so cute. The rest of the first day we spent just chatting and catching up. I think the first day was the hardest for me because I got tired from speaking English the whole day (I know that it’s a weird thing to get tired of but you know, it’s me).

The other days were pretty good as far as the English speaking goes. Throughout the trip I could see how my English was getting better and I was quite proud of myself.

Our second day was purely shopping. It was the day I bought the books and the Tsum Tsums (have a slight obsession with them now). I also bought a present to Eerik, he did love it. Tuesday was also the day when we skyped Pony was obviously too excited 😛

From this part on my memories get a bit blurred because I’m not quite sure in which order do the following events happened but on Wednesday we went to Calke Abbey. It was the prettiest day and I really enjoyed it even though I was dizzy most of the day (it was kinda weird since it never happens). Also some pictures, most of them are the ones that Jess took but here are a few of mine too. First I’m gonna add my pictures of it and then you can see the amazing ones Jess took.

So these are my pics. Now have a look at Jess’ pics.

I believe that her pictures are also up on her blog if she has written her post by the time mine goes up.

All of the other days weren’t so important as far as picture taking goes but I definitely think they were important to our friendship. When I was leaving UK I felt like I have known Jess forever and that like alien sisters have moved on (higher level of sisterhood lol). I just wish I could go there like every weekend or something. It would be good for both of us, I’m sure…

This has definitely been the highlight of this summer. I realised that England will be my home. It just felt right to be there. I also hope that next time we shall spend more time together, adventuring the awesome country 😀

I think this is all, some things about the trip have to stay for our memories. I hope you enjoyed this little post.
Ann :3