I know I made a post saying the last goodbye to my band but I miss my band…

I know I said goodbye to them but I miss all the rehearsals. Yes, now when I think of it I only really kinda got along with one person because we both were no ones and completely pointless but we also were the most devoted ones. For us the music meant something and I miss that kind of feeling, also I miss the feeling of the band room when everyone is playing.

I just want something like that again. I don’t even need the concerts but they’re also cool. I just wish there’s someone who I could spend some time with and forget all the school bullshit. I need something like that and currently I don’t even have any idea who they could be 😦

If any of my Estonian readers have any suggestions then let me know please, I’ll love you forever if you do πŸ˜€

Btw sorry for another short one